1. an acronym standing for Son-Of-a-Bitch, Everything Real

2. A state in which there is no drugs or alcohol in the body

3. An unpleasant state after a night of consuming alcohol or drugs see hangover
I wasn't sober when the cops pulled me over so now I have a DUI
by oops1644 January 02, 2008
boring, dull, uninteresting.
"Man, that guy is so lame, hes always sober."
by manders0724 June 17, 2007
Someone or something that is fair and trustworthy - not dodgy.
"You better not be messing me about with this deal."
"No mate, I promise, it's sober."
by Dirty Shambler May 03, 2006
To be top of the line. Awsome. Best you can get. Clean.
Man that new Neon you got is sober!!! check out the sterio in that thing!

I can't wait till i get in my new apartment. It's going to be so sober!
by CJ Miles May 16, 2006

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