The strange feeling you get after you wake up sometimes.
I knew I was sober when the room started to stay still
by Shoutin Will Belamy September 24, 2011
the feel between 7:00 AM and the 7:05 AM beer
Neo : Thomas A. Anderson = Drunk : Sober
by Wes2912 January 10, 2015
1. A term most frequently used to describe someone's natural state without the consumption or influence of alcohol. (It can also more broadly be used to describe someone who is not under the influence of drugs, although this is a less-common use of the word.)

2. A metaphorical descriptive term than can be used to describe someone attaining a serious or sensible mental state, often after having a more carefree or unstable attitude. (Almost as if becoming sober after being drunk.) Generally described as being "sobering."

3. A slang term sometimes used to describe someone who is exceedingly boring or nit-picky. Or someone goes out of their way to display a lack of joy or an absence of fun.
1. Noel remained sober at the nightclub while her friends drank and partied, as she was the designated driver for the night.

2. His mother getting into a serious car-accident was a sobering experience for Ben, as he himself had been an unsafe driver up until that point, and he realized he needed to be more careful on the road.

3. Chris's overly sober attitude was becoming an issue at his workplace, especially after he tried to convince his supervisor to cancel a planned retirement party for a long-time co-worker because he thought it was a "waste of two others we could otherwise be working."
by TeddyStix October 02, 2014
stands for son-of-a-b****-everything's-real!
Tom: I...I feel weird.
Ted: Yeah, getting sober does that to you...
by Noodle8 November 24, 2011
The state of which you are actually so fucked up on alcohol/drugs that you think you are sober when you aren't even close.
Scene of a Party
Ted: Hey man, what's goin on there!
Frank: Nothin much just enjoyin myself

Ted: Yeah man i'm fuckin sober as hell
Frank: Didn't i see you on that couch just downing some tequila?
Ted: No no man don't believe that, i'm sober
by Sloshface budfucker December 11, 2009
A derogatory term for boring people.
*Guy walks into a bar*
Bartender: What can I get you this evening?
Guy: I'll just have a glass of water, thanks.
Bartender: Why so sober?
by Davidsftwk September 07, 2012
something the boring and useless use as a mask to try and seem better then everyone, when really they only stay that way because they can't face who they are and don't know how to be fun.
"Hi, I don't drink, I'm always sober. Would you like to knit some quilts with me? Maybe later we can share a bag of chips and then watch Full House reruns. Being sober rules!"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008

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