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Slang term used to say something is "very cool". Used by the character Gretchen in the popular movie "Mean Girls".
Regina: Oh my god, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?
Cady: Thanks, my mom made it.
Gretchen: That's so fetch!
by Babs May 15, 2006
1) a playfull insult between friends
2) a person who gets really horribly drunk on a regular basis
1) shaun, pick it up ya mash head!
2) Johny Mase stop drinking you mash head!
by BaBs February 09, 2004
TO come to orgasm. The victorians related death with orgasms and called them "miniture deaths"
I felt like I was gonna die.
by babs January 17, 2003
The act of taking both hands respectively and opening they butt cheeks as to expose your anal regeions, generally done in order to disturb or taunt somone
( A common gesture in most males)
Oh my God, dont turn around he's exposing his phlower!
by Babs March 13, 2005
A top quality Newport campsite!

Also, the most badly-used roundabout, ever!
lets go camp on the Harlequin
by Babs September 12, 2004
Newport's premier customised car meeting point and drag strip.
oh spa! I'll race youz at duh Riverside, innit!?
by Babs September 12, 2004
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