One who sniffs the bicycle seats of young ladies.
That Peter Hain has a touch of the snurge about him, don't you think?
by Larry Loosehat April 03, 2003
The act of Flirting "with intent". i.e to talk to a member of the opposite sex with the express intent to have sex with that person.
n: "He's such a Snurge"
v: "Right girls, tonight I'm gonna get my snurge on"

"Wow, he's getting his snurge on tonight!"
by A1snurge November 12, 2010
To aggressively and sexually sniff a seat that recently contained the arse of someone you find attractive.
As soon as she stood up and left, I snurged the fuck out of the sofa.
by bobpoowoo March 05, 2014
A snurge, in this day and age, has been described as the term given towards someone who has keen tendencies towards flirting with members of the opposite sex. This doesn't necessarily mean flirting with one person, depending on your level of skill, this can include flirting with numerous people at once. There are 3 levels of snurging starting with the lowest.

DIDISNURGE - this is a secret type of snurge, one who goes about their snurging business without getting noticed. Usually their snurging will consist of one or two people.

JORDISNURGE - this is the most unpopular type of snurge, usually their target is 3 or 4 people but their way of snurging is a little different to others. Usually consists of doing favours for members of the opposite sex and laughing at their unfunny jokes.

JIMMYSNURGE - This is the ultimate level of snurge, this type will snurge numerous people whether they be single or not, and will get away with it. They're techniques are very unique that opposite sex members usually fall head over heels in love with them. However, this type is very rare, not many people acheive this level of snurge.
"look at him buying them girls a drink, he is definately a snurge
by Mr. Williams frank November 12, 2010
To pee,poop, and puke at the same time.
Jessica drank so much last night she snurged all over the bathroom.
by TheSquiZz August 16, 2010
To eskimo kiss a penis.
That old lady likes to snurge.
by Jofferham Lincoln February 14, 2008
A word used to an objectionable person who will not understand the insult. Invented by the late Auberon Waugh c. 1956 and used extensively by him in respect of any school prefect.
"Well of course, Jones, being a snurge, you would say that wouldn't you?"
by Alain C. Fenn January 15, 2006

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