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es·ki·mo kiss

pronunciation: 'es-k&-"mO 'kis

1: the rubbing of two noses together.

the eskimos would kiss with their noses, so that their lips wouldn't freeze together.
hannah and kam like to eskimo kiss
by the palindrome January 27, 2005
the most innocent and lovely way of showing affection
dude, did you get some?
nah, man. but I got eskimo kisses. (boy smiles)
by periwinkle1996 October 03, 2010
when two people rub noses as a sign of affection
Princess and Candy love to eskimo kiss when they're not getting it on in the snow.
by tifa taffy December 05, 2003
when one person touches another person's nose with their own
Dude! My girlfriends Eskimo kisses are the bomb!
by Sad Tub August 11, 2010
eskimo kisses are when two people affectionatly rub thier noses back and forth together. "Eski'mo" is a conjuction of the same, except when performed by homosexual men, hence the "'mo" part. An exceptiple ending to an email or text message in place of "kisses", "smoches", "chao", etc.

Honey, You need to lose a few pounds if you expect to be invited to the Party next week. And by a few pounds, I mean, of course, your latest boy-toy Eric.

eski'mo kisses

by usarmymutt September 30, 2005
When two males rub the heads of their penis' together. It is like docking for two people that don't have foreskin.
Erik and Keith won't come out to the bar with us tonight, they are too busy giving each other eskimo kisses.
by snoboybil January 20, 2011
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