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(n.) A cigarette, (v.) to smoke/go for a cigarette

A word originating at Marlborough College, England, due to a street called Hyde Lane near the school, traditionally used by students to surrepticiously go and smoke tobacco, being contracted to "Hain". The word has since spread to other schools.
"Oi mate, you got any hains?"

(Teacher) "Going for a hain are we??"

(Student) "It's hain o'clock" or "It's about quarter to hain"
by kerblasser12 April 26, 2010
Something that is intense or extreme, often to the point of being almost crazy.
Ed stole Daves quad and drove it down the highway? Thats hain!
by Wayne-The-Hain-Brain-Macklean December 02, 2011

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