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The name of the pet bear that will one day maul it's owner.
Snuggles sure put the "own" into "owner."
by A Fern March 29, 2010
Like cuddling. Kind of a hug, but while lying down and 2 people facing the same way.
I was feeling bad, so I snuggled with david.
by ninjagirl12 January 10, 2012
Guilty Turd ...something that poops on old ppls shoes, rubs their butt on the ground, smells like shit, and leaves turds around the house
"hey snuggles left a turd again"
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
Any pillow with a shape that makes it very comfortable to hug.
I bought a new snuggle from Kohls!
by razaac July 28, 2010
To engage in close embrace with another person. Usually in place of sex, especially if you think Bob Dole and those "E.D." commercials might be on to something.
"Let's snuggle, honey."
"I thought you went to the doctor, already."
by dude February 18, 2003
secret word for sex
DTS: Down to Snuggle
by uhhhDoodle February 25, 2011
Any generalized nightime intimacy such as touching, kissing, stroking, and nuzzling, but can include passionate making out, oral, and even penetration sex.
Good night guys, we're going up to snuggle now.

In a bar: I'd like to snuggle that hottie.
by LuckyandhisLady February 03, 2010