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somebody who has sex with snowmen.
alicia thrust the snowman's icicle deep inside of herself in an act of snowmosexual intercourse.
by alicia morgan March 02, 2006
a. a husband who would rather ride his snowmobile than his smoking hot wife

b. a father who would rather play in the snow with his snowmobile than his children

c. an individual who is sexually attracted to snowmobiles
"I just found out my husband is a snowmosexual."

"Snowmosexuals make terrible fathers."
by MichelleRenee Valadez March 04, 2009
Snomosexual: (n) A straight male who, when the holiday season rolls around, suddenly gets very concerned that his house will look jolly enough.

Characterized by a sudden interest in Tree Size, Light Arrangements, and blow up Reindeer.
At first I was worried that my husband was turning gay, then I realized he's just a snowmosexual.
by MattFromPhilly December 07, 2008
Extremely lame adj. usually referring to a goat penis and or homosexual anal intercourse between a goat and a very hairy male homosapian on a mountain or platau in any region on the planet.
Dude that "snowmosexual' is the gayest thing I have ever seen bra.
I am a "snowmosexual" for writing this bra.
Urban dictionary is super "snowmosexual" bra
by Anita Hawk October 20, 2007
a person who looks like he/she is gay, but really they just act like it, so he/she can get with the opposite sex, cause they cant unless they say they are gay.
"did you see jordan. i cant believe he is such a snowmosexual."
by scarmommaliciousness December 02, 2005