A GrouP oF PPl Who TrAffIc CoCaiNe
yo one of the snowmen will have that white shit
by MiKe WelSh April 23, 2006
The lovely creature that you can create and is easiest to fuck
"I fucked the snowmen"
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
The act of a male ejaculating onto a female's stomach, and then immediately scooping it off with your hand and slapping her in the face with it.
I just Snowman'd his girlfriend.

Apparently you can get arrested for Snowmaning some bitch.

I Snowman'd that whore and she started saying Happy Birthday as I ran out the door yelling I'll be back again some day!

You got Iced! Snowman style....

Here comes Frosty's magic juice!
by MayorDoo December 01, 2010
a very sexy and cute animal
That snowmen was horny
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
While fucking a girl from behind, stick a carrot in her ass.
We were doing it doggy style, and I gave her the Snowman.
by Narkolepse February 24, 2009
Simply, what kids (and adults) like to make after a good wet snowfall. Generally involves rolling snowball's until they get quite large, then stacking them one on top of the other - big one on the bottom (legs), middle size in the middle (midriff), and small one on top (head). Also usually includes other items to make them look more real. Normally is spelled as one word, snowman.
The kids and I went out today to build a snow man
by Panchoman Jr. November 17, 2006
A tubby woman's torso when wearing a tight shirt and pants. Her boobs, fat rolls and pooch sit atop each other and look like a snow man.
"Hey, would you bone the flaps between that lady's snowman?"

"Uh, what is wrong with you?"
by nac71700 November 07, 2007
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