When its been snowing and you have a snowball fight, then sum 1 runs up behind you, rugby tackles you/grabs ur legs/pushed you over/ jumps on your back. You are then on the floor and the person who did it to you and loads ov other people kick the snow near you in your face and all over you and down ur clothes ect.ect.
* Jesus Christ , did u see that lass get snowmanned .. it was offit i swear down

* If those shitty arse kids dont pack in shottin snow at me ed am gonna go snowman one ov them
by SoRtED cHiCk February 21, 2005
an evil creation brought into existence by an innocent boy named billy
known to kill children and many kinds of animals, and likes to try on adult clothing, also can fly(over moscow)
Then the Snowman and Billy flew over Moscow! The people in Moscow saw them, but they didn't care
by Andrew H. October 26, 2004
A term sometimes used to describe an unwelcome Caucasian male
"Hey, look at that snowman over there, man! What's he got under the hood?" - Hector, Fast and Furious
by Adam Gabelle August 16, 2006
One who has a large amount of diamonds on him. You call him a snowman because hes so icy.
Damn look at that dude over theres hes got so much ice on him he looks like a snowman.
by Dylan H July 21, 2005
A person that has long greasey hair, and has a severe amount of DANDRUFF resting on the shoulders of the prosecuted
"DUDE!, ****s a serious snowman!"
by Minty January 07, 2004
a person who is addicted to cocaine or coke. derived from the white color and powder texture of coke similar to snow
joe: does jill do coke
bill: yea shes a snowman
by small penis July 05, 2005
Someone who walks around alone and has no or very few friends.

A loner.

Someone whos always by themselve.
yo check out that snowman chilln by his damn self!
by Madee August 08, 2005

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