When a male ejaculates on his partner's stomach, while standing in the snow.
His snowman froze my chest.
by arnoid224 March 04, 2009
A name that you should always call somebody if their name is tristan, because tristan is albino,anorexic and usually looks exactly like a snoman.
Boy#1:Hey,ever noticed how tristan looks exactly like a snowman!
Boy#2:Yea,here he comes now."Hey Snowman!"
by Mr.FunnyGuy March 22, 2009
A slang term used by non-caucasians to describe an unwelcome caucasian male.
Hector (Fast and Furious movie): Hey (pointing at the white guy) look at that snowman over there, man!
by Alex Fox June 24, 2006
the number 'eight' on a scorecard
"What'd you get on that last hole?"
"Give me a snowman."
by thickduff December 20, 2004
A particularly jolly man, made of snow, tends to dance with small children. goes by the name "Frosty" and resemles the Michelin man, but without the massive amounts of rolls.
*small children* "hey, it's frosty! let's go dance!" *mother* " isn't that the guy that sold us our tires?"
by Alison faith May 19, 2005
A woman of particular build resembling a snowman when viewed from all angles. The snowman is usually seen wielding a cookie sheet with fudge squares strategically placed on the sheet. (The snowman is typically a mother).
Hey Imel, can you get the snowman to make me some fudge?
by Justin Redman January 03, 2004
When three little people stand on top of each other, as to form the base of a snowman, whilst people ejaculate on them.
Yo bro, did you check out those midgets in that snowman video? They were totally covered in jizz!
by Eric M2 December 09, 2007
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