the act of inserting a thumb or two fingers into the anus of another person like a carrot being placed incorrectly on a snowman's face, with the sharp end facing inwards.
Did you hear that Justyn was snowmanned last night by his roommate?
by Deez Nuts McFaggon October 08, 2012
Someone who sells cocaine.
Do you want to be a snowmaaaaaaaannnn?
Come on let's sell cocaaaaiiinnee!!

cocaine snowman
by oldemberg June 07, 2014
When a male repeatedly ejaculates on a women (or man) until he or she is covered in seamen and looks like a snowman.
Can be a single male participating or a posse of men to ejaculate on this women or man.
"James asked Michelle if he could tie her up and repeatedly snowman on her."
by geoff777777 May 09, 2014
1.) A term used to describe someone of Caucasian/Anglo-Saxon descent. Usually used by minority groups in referring to white people.

2.) A diminutive term for a white person.

Did you see those dudes in the pink polo shirts? What a bunch of snowmen!
by Rubin Stiles March 13, 2006
A person who deals drugs, most likely Cocaine.
I wanted some crack, but my snow man was all out.
by Wendy January 05, 2004
3 or more giant snowballs put on top of each other forming a humanoid shape. Nothing sexual at all! ----(><)----------------
Look at frosty, he's a snowman!
by gps93 November 13, 2011
anyone who suffers from EPSD (extremely pale skin disorder) and whose name starts with 'B' :)
i like turtles 98 fnorb
man, why are you such a snowman?!
by vbfhwdjbkvruiewnfweruionf 98 November 07, 2011
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