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To be off ones tits. Usually involving one or more illegal substances.
Frequently used in text messages to other offits.
"Offit Offit Offit!!"
by Gareth Thomas November 18, 2003
Being under the influence of energy enhancing drugs. e.g. ectasy, and speed
Awww man, last nite I was so off it, it was unreal.
by Chaotic*Toffee May 02, 2006
To be off something.
Im pretty off work aye.

Your such a gay cunt, off you.

"I heard someone ripped ya plants man" Yeah, I was pretty off it.
by biz to tha nizzle June 20, 2006
a short derivative for the phrase "off the hook"
"ey bluh, scope that ill ass ride, nigguh dat iz Offit."
by kevin glenn August 28, 2005
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