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A type of snowmobile containing 1 front ski rather than two. More similar to a dirtbike made for snow.
"I leaned into the turn with my kick ass snowhawk"
by BeaverBanker March 08, 2006
6 2
The area of accumulated snow on top of your vehicle (usually a truck or SUV) that you can't quite reach to sweep off, which resembles a mohawk.
I warmed the truck up & brushed it off, but I couldn't get the whole top - so we have a snowhawk.
by topseyturvey February 02, 2006
196 33
A strip of snow left down the center of the roof of a person's vehicle. Either because they are too short to reach it, or just too damn lazy. Resembles the Mo~hawk hairstyle.
There was so much snow on his car that George gave up clearing it off and he left a big old snow hawk.
by ~ Ms Fran ~ December 24, 2008
11 0
The sculpted ridge of central snow left on the roof of a vehicle by someone either too lazy or too short to brush it all off.
I was cruising down the highway behind a Tahoe sporting this ginormous snowhawk when the Tahoe's driver hit a pothole. Like an icy combover on a guy in a convertible, the damned snowhawk grabbed air, flipped back towards me, and I was sure that was going to be the last thing my Prius and I ever saw.
by Duxall Inarow December 11, 2009
13 3
That ridge of snow left on top of your roof that you just can't reach from either side with a ice scraper.
We like to sit at the bar after a day on the mountain and goof on the flatlander's snowhawks as they drive by.
by Ham'n'eggs December 10, 2007
3 1
the strip of snow left on the center of the roof of your car that you couldn't reach to clean off.
"yeah, after the storm i couldn't reach the middle of the roof of my car, so i have a wicked snowhawk left.
by carmental December 28, 2010
2 1
When you are trying to clean your car off during or after a snowstorm but you and your ice scraper can't reach the top middle of the truck it creates a Mohawk-like design of snow on the vehicle.
Hey man, tough time reaching the top of your truck? Ya got a snowhawk there.
by BeethovenBones June 08, 2013
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