the patch of snow that stays on the roof of your car after a snow storm, that you can't reach
Wow, a block of snow from that truck's Snowhawk almost broke my windshield!
by nomdigas77 January 14, 2011
The strip of snow left running down the center of the car roof that a short person can't reach.
My car is sporting another snowhawk since hubby couldn't clear off the car this morning...
by BurgGurl February 02, 2010
The strip of snow left on the roof of ones car after driving without brushing the snow off the roof first. This usually creates problems for the drivers behind them.
1) Look at the snowhawk on that car!
by Real Diels December 12, 2009
A hemaphroditic creature that is obsessed with all things anal. Enjoys Korean food on Tuesdays
When snowhawk entered the gaybar, the shemale already had his usual whiskey sour ready for him to enjoy.
by flyboy May 20, 2003
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