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Psipog is an internet website where you can learn various psionic phenomena to perform for yourself. Manipulate psi energy into shields and constructs. Learn telepathy, telekinesis, how to have an OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) and many other things. A person who uses psionics is known as a psion. www.psipog.net
Hey, have you seen the new articles on psipog? They're awesome!
by flyboy November 11, 2004
Ummm. Just about anything relating to being queer or gay.
HaurdCider makes The Village people make look straight.
by flyboy March 15, 2003
woman who is involved in all things smutty.
searches internet for the meaning of crotch rot
by flyboy March 17, 2004
A hemaphroditic creature that is obsessed with all things anal. Enjoys Korean food on Tuesdays
When snowhawk entered the gaybar, the shemale already had his usual whiskey sour ready for him to enjoy.
by flyboy May 20, 2003
A person who wears black clothes and says their life sucks when, what? Hardly anything is wrong with their life? "I have too much homework!" LIVE WITH IT! They think they're different, but in reality, they're just like all the other goths.
Anti-conformist goths are indeed conforming to their own social group shit.
by flyboy January 17, 2005

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