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6 definitions by topseyturvey

The area of accumulated snow on top of your vehicle (usually a truck or SUV) that you can't quite reach to sweep off, which resembles a mohawk.
I warmed the truck up & brushed it off, but I couldn't get the whole top - so we have a snowhawk.
by topseyturvey February 02, 2006
A pile of unmatched socks that is bundled together with another sock, creating an object that resembles an octopus.
Jamie - see if you can match up any of those socktopuses on the couch.
by topseyturvey January 05, 2006
This is how a cat prowls around the house. It especially describes how smaller, more lithe cats behave.
Look at Pagoo - she's skinking around the edges of the rec room trying to go undetected.
by topseyturvey February 02, 2006
When speaking about food/ drink, it's a way to describe something that sounds/ smells good.
Me: What sounds good for dinner?
Daughter: Hmmm.. a barbecue chicken pizza smounds really good to me.
by topseyturvey January 06, 2006
When a cat reaches out and claws when you pass by.
Pagoo just reached out and snicked me when I walked by her bed!
by topseyturvey February 03, 2006
A cavel is the result of inserting your finger into someone's navel through their shirt, which leaves an indentation.
Mom! Did you cavel Brent again?
by topseyturvey January 05, 2006