to help a friend masterbate
1."Wanna..wanna..snowball?" "I..don't know..I'm not really like that." "It's..just to help eachother out you know-I mean..just pretend." "Well...I"


3."I caught Darryl and Andrew snowballing last night."
by Kati & Mathew January 27, 2007
when a guy cums in a girls mouth,they make out, and swish it around
zeke was snowballing with sara
by jackie39 June 01, 2006
the act of jizzing in a bitches mouth and having her spit said jizz into another bitches mouth.
"Those hoes were snowballing my jizz, and then I ate a ham sandwich"
by Blausow September 06, 2005
A game where you compact pieces of snow to form a ball and through it at each other.
Im bored lets go snowballing in the snow...
by FiRe-uk May 02, 2005
when u throw snowballs at people
hey billy just got hit with a snowball
by Saydie January 07, 2005
according to the Sex Quiz on Talk Sex with Sue -- the technique of applying ice to the testicles just before climax.
While having sex, Jane put a handfull of ice on Dick's balls just as he ejaculated all over her giving him the full snowballing effect.
by SmplyUnprdctble July 30, 2006
Deceiving another person, particularly through lying or exaggerating the facts
I told Marty that I didn't have sex with his sister, but I was totally snowballing him
by Keen Machine June 10, 2005

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