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Forming balls out of snow to be thrown at your friends in fun, or enemies in anger.
When I was a kid, my friends and I would go snowballing and have snowball fights.
by supertag November 20, 2005
403 415
When a woman gives a man a blow job, then keeps the sperm or skeet in her mouth and then proceeds by making out with the man she had just given a blow job to. And while the woman is making out with the man, they empty the sperm, or skeet into eachother's mouth. Alternating back and forth.
Jimmy Goon was receiving a blow job from Tara. When she was finished they began to make out, and snowballing the sperm back and forth in their mouths.
by Hinka Hunka March 24, 2007
224 245
The really hot gay sex practice of cumming in your partners mouth then swaping cum with him orally.
I blew a load in Jakes mouth and he snowballed me. We were snowballing.
by SM69 October 23, 2007
155 178
When two guys perform a 69 cum, then meet each other passing it from mouth to mouth
"oooo snowballing what fun"
by larrrrryyyyy October 28, 2006
96 139
When your sucking a guy's dick and he cum's in your mouth and you spit it in his mouth and he swallow's it...eww
I heard my x is in to snow balling man i'am so glad i left him , that faggot!

If your down wit snow balling and your a dude, does that make you gay?
by HOLLY CORMAN November 03, 2007
125 170
The super gay one is, when a man barebacks another man, then cums, the reciever ejects it out of his bowls, and another man sucks it up and makes out with whoever, and they continue the chain of making out, snowballing it to get larger and larger.
I cumed alot in this guy, and they pushed it into the guy next to him, which in return got bigger and bigger. (Snowballing)
by Ry Ri May 13, 2008
27 74
when a girl suck ur dick and you blow a wod in her mouth. then she spits the wod in ur mouth and you do it back to her a couple of times. finally, you two make out while swapping the cum back and forth. VERY FUCKIN GROSS AND NEVER DO UNLESS YOU HAV A SIC MIND
Me and my bitch were snowballing last night and it was the grossest shit ever dude.
by tyler shmit April 19, 2007
36 86