1. To ejaculate into the mouth of one's partner and shake their head about, much like one would shake a snowglobe.

2. A literary technique/trope where the ending of a work of fiction reveals that the story (or part of it) had taken place within the mind of a single character. Taken from the infamous finale of 80s medical drama St. Elsewhere, which revealed that the entire six season show had been imagined by an autistic boy staring into a snow globe containing the "hospital" inside it. More often used in a cynical context to connotate lazy writing, rather than a well executed plot twist.
1. I totally snow globed this chick last night, shit was SO cash!

2. The film was reaching its climax, then revealed the whole thing was just a snow globe. Man, what a cop out!
by Necroyeti May 24, 2010
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American slang for "testicles".
I found out the hard way that a paintball shot square into the snow globes hurts like hell.
by George Costinas December 09, 2009
when a man ejaculates into a womans mouth, and than attempts to rock her head back and forth, hence snowglobing
ay yo last night i snowglobed a bitch
by taraandcori January 15, 2008
when an astronaut is in space for about a week or two, soon gets horny, jacks one off and then the sperm floats in the ship with them due to the anti-gravity
neil, we just landed on the moon you couldnt wait to jack one off when we got home? its a giant snow globe here.
by gingyangus22 June 10, 2011
A snow globe is the acting of blessing a bald head with your thick man-extract.
1.)After I shaved the bitch bald I proceeded in giving her a snow globe, twas a night we will both cherish for years to come.

2.)Father JE blessed his subordinate with a snow globe last saturday night.
by The Snow Master: Damn its cold March 08, 2009
insert two erect penises into each of a females nostrils , ejaculate into the nostrils. Once finished , grasp the females head with both hands and shake violently
ejaculation , bukkake , c-lit ,youuu beeeaatt , snowglobe.

we dont spiderman no more , we just snow - globe dat hoe
by mike and josh September 23, 2007
When a girl is laying backwards off the edge of the bed and the man ejaculated on her tits.
dude.. The sex was wild and I snowglobed all over this chick like crazy!
by Jack Frost69 January 11, 2010
To Snowglobe, Snowglobing:

When a person with authority acts to cover up; silence; or in general remove any views opposing their own.

To act with authority and institute an unfair or undeserved punishment
Snowglobe; Snowglobing:

Hitler and the Nazi culture employed book burning, covering up information that the government did not find suitable for the populace. This is an example of snowglobing, the covering up of ideas, opinions and thoughts of others that do not match your own.
by CasualTriumphian July 12, 2009

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