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A circle of Dutch Rudders (the holding of a man's/boy's wrist as they grip their shaft, and performing the motion of masturbating). A minimum of 8 is required to create a mathmatically correct circular shape. Not to be mistaken for a Circle Jerk, an entirely different act that involves no wrist holding. Avoiding eye contact with anyone else in the Wheel ensures that what you are doing is not in any way homosexual, as there is nothing gay about holding someone's wrist is there?
Brian, Gareth, Soloman, Damian, Terry, Ross, Eggbert and Zachary were bored of pairing together for a Dutch Rudder, so they decided to come together, literally, forming an Albanian Steering Wheel.
#dutch rudder #shaft #circle jerk #sex act #definately not gay
by Gloria Specker April 22, 2010
The art of masturbating furiously into an electric fan so that the ejaculatory deposit is blasted out over the face of your partner.
Susan regularly met up with her boyfriend, Barry, with her electric fan for a spot of snow globing.
#jizz #fan #face #cock #semen spreader
by Gloria Specker September 30, 2010
After having a hefty poo (normally in someone else's toilet), standing up and turning round to inspect the damage but noticing you've left a rather nasty looking skidmark on the bowl. To irradicate the skidmark you forcefully urinate on it, eroding it into nothingness. A second flush is always necessary in order to remove any fragments.
Sylvain was distraught when he inspected the dump he'd just done in his girlfriend, Julia's toilet - there were more skidmarks than on an Indy 500 circuit! Fortunately Sylvain was a crafty chap and realised that a decent spot of Japanese Pressure Washing would remove all the carnage.
#poo #skidmark #piss #pressure washer #toilet
by Gloria Specker November 04, 2010
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