what you like to take a whiz on
i had to piss out a storm, so now the snow is yellow
by loco asshole February 26, 2005
Dandruff of the head-hair, eyebrows or pubic hair. Floats slowly to the ground like snow when shaken.
"My whole body is a fucking snow mountain!" - Your Dad
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 04, 2003
frozen ice that was once rain that falls from the sky when it is cold enough
It snowed on Christmas, and what a happy time it was!
by Santa December 27, 2002
pure, evil that ruins lives and eats people alive!
I have to take my finals another day because of the evil snow!
by farquare January 28, 2009
A certain beauty that's going to be gone if we keep polluting our earth.
Kid: "Hey grandpa, can you tell me that story about snow again?"
Grandpa: "Once upon a time, there was a thing that fell from the sky. It was white, soft, and beautiful. Running through it was like jumping on clouds. Then, one day, humans did a terrible thing. They created automobiles. These machines emitted terrible gases that made snow stop falling!"
Kid: "But grandpa, why did they decide to make automobiles then?"
Grandpa: "Good question, son. It's because back in 2008, people were ignorant and stupid."
by audrey<3 January 27, 2008
God's cum sprinkled on Earth like he froze it, melted it a bit, and then sprinkled it like Paprika!
Oh my god I love snow in my mouth!
by Adam Winchester December 02, 2007
to let your flakes disperse from your scalp
Angel had a bunch of flake so I gave him permission to go outside and snow.
by John Hungwell May 09, 2005
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