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nuthin but that fine ol' crack cocaine
hey yesterday i got myself some snow from the dealer
by skeet skeet nigga June 22, 2005
frozen ice that was once rain that falls from the sky when it is cold enough
It snowed on Christmas, and what a happy time it was!
by Santa December 27, 2002
God's cum sprinkled on Earth like he froze it, melted it a bit, and then sprinkled it like Paprika!
Oh my god I love snow in my mouth!
by Adam Winchester December 02, 2007
to let your flakes disperse from your scalp
Angel had a bunch of flake so I gave him permission to go outside and snow.
by John Hungwell May 09, 2005
A certain beauty that's going to be gone if we keep polluting our earth.
Kid: "Hey grandpa, can you tell me that story about snow again?"
Grandpa: "Once upon a time, there was a thing that fell from the sky. It was white, soft, and beautiful. Running through it was like jumping on clouds. Then, one day, humans did a terrible thing. They created automobiles. These machines emitted terrible gases that made snow stop falling!"
Kid: "But grandpa, why did they decide to make automobiles then?"
Grandpa: "Good question, son. It's because back in 2008, people were ignorant and stupid."
by audrey<3 January 27, 2008
A combination of the elementary molcular substance water and the gaseous mixture of air. Also used to express childlike excitment and avoidance of labour. Used in the First World War as slang for fish.
"It's snowing!" or "Come an look at the snow! Look! Look! It's lying!"
by Cooldude March 02, 2005
another word for the overused slang word "cool"
dude, that party last night was so snow.

Its snow with me if he comes too.
by JP January 09, 2005