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Xenimus is a fairly new drug, introduced and used on the internet. Although relatively cheap, this drug is very addicting, and can cause unsafe ammounts of lazyness, ignorance, and give the user a short temper. Blindness and brain damage may also occur.
"Kampf's addiction to Xenimus is far to strong to help him now"
by Cedric January 22, 2005
raging hard on. When the penis is erected very hard and stiffly
"lets fuck i have a raging speedhorn"
by Cedric May 23, 2003
A man consisting of 2 parts: 50% insanity, 50% Ganja. Also the self-proclaimed 'greatest man alive' and is responsible for several counts of internet deviance, he is also in love with Warlain
Hay who is reality trip?
by Cedric September 22, 2003
wtf that chick tried to touch my anus
Marisa, get the F**k off my anus
by cedric January 03, 2005
Another word for a white girl
I am going to the club to pick up some snow
by Cedric February 01, 2005
An ancient expression used principally by Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. The greeting originated as a mix between "Hello" and "Yoo-hoo!" in the monasteries of Scandanavia, when the Catholic priests would see a young boy outside the walls.
Monk 1: Look at that Svendelgaal!
Monk 2: Why I'll be Svendened! A ripe young lad outside the walls! Ahoy-hoy!
by Cedric July 12, 2004

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