A racist term for eskimoes
That snow nigger just clubbed a seal
by Paulyd707 July 30, 2006
Top Definition
Snow Nigger is a racist term used to describe Europeans in general, mainly because they were niggers that evolved in the ice caves in Europe

Opposed to the niggers who stayed back in Africa.....or the niggers that evolved in Arabia sand niggers

No bro don't let Jimmy head to the beach today he will get sunburned he is such a snow nigger!
by Racilaist September 24, 2008
A derogatory term for Canadians.
How could you go to that hockey game with all those snow niggers?
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
An offiensive term used to describe Inuits. Similar to the term sand nigger
Idiot: "Damn snow niggers are crowding up our country!!"
Me: "No they're not, you dam foo'!!"
*me hits the idiot with a slippery fish*
by will cooper May 07, 2004
a white nigger.
"Why dose that snownigger alway have to investigating something?"
by N8er March 06, 2012
A loving and endearing term for the Eskimo population. Also known as Ice Chinks.
Today in class we watched a documentary on Eskimos entitled, "Eskimos - Snow niggers or Ice Chinks, you decide."
by Ron March 03, 2005
An Eskimo person
Yo that snow nigger lives in an ice ghetto.
by nob goblin September 21, 2014
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