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Hot Jewish broad on the Adam Carolla show, TV Watercooler, While you Were Gay, TMZ TV.

Funny, hot, smart, hot, hot hot, and a Jew
Teresa Strasser is one hot jew.
by paulyd707 October 24, 2007
1. A woman with poor vaginal hygene
2. Used in place of calling a woman a cunt, when cunt by itself does not seem offensive enough
1. I went to go down on Suzie, but I almost gagged. She has a real dumpster cunt.
2. I hate you Suzy, you dumpster cunt.
by Paulyd707 August 02, 2006
A derogatory name for a mexican person
That border nigger stole my job!!!
by Paulyd707 August 02, 2006
A racist term for eskimoes
That snow nigger just clubbed a seal
by Paulyd707 July 30, 2006
An underground para-military organization of homosexuals bent on fagotizing the general population.

Gay Legioneers are usually typified by lisps, multicolored uniforms accociated with rank, and a limp wristed salute.
The Gay Legion tryed to enlist me.
by Paulyd707 August 31, 2006
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