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ritzy, sharp, fashionable, elegant
Al Capone wanted to be called SNORKY, rather then Scarface, to emphasize his image as a succesful business man.
by griffinity August 09, 2011
1. Term to describe or label a person (or pet) who tends to snore while sleeping.
2. Can be used as a term of affection.
"My snorky keeps me up at night from his snoring!"
"Kona, our lil' boston terrier, is such a snorky with her squishy face, it's adorable!"
by freshie_from_cali December 30, 2014
Someone who is being snorkeling is a person being silly in a cute kind of way. People usually want to hang out with a snorky person if they want someone to cheer them up since snorky people are positive, sweet and funny all at once.
"I'm sad so I should call Jenna. She usually cheer me up. She's the most snorky person I know after all"
by catcurtains April 26, 2015
Stupid, riddiculous.

Origin not clear. Al Capone had the nickname Snorky, but the latest usage of the term appears to be unrelated to that.
That was a snorky thing to say.
by Thor Wilson March 22, 2009
An big, grey, stuffed elephant's name.


A term used to signify taking a shot out of a snorkel.
I love sleeping with snorky!


Yo dudes... Ima gonna suck up a snorky!
by Katie and Callie July 03, 2008

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