Pot and tobacco both packed into a bowl and smoked from a bong.
We did snork hits yesterday and got fucked.
by shannonie April 29, 2005
Verb: To sniff the bicycle seat of a young female.
Billy, that nasty mother fucker, he loves a good snork!
by Evil E June 13, 2007
To abruptly and sharply bump one's nose.
I got snorked by a wild pitch in the game last night! My nose still hurts!
by JavaJaneOhio April 28, 2010
A word created/first used by Guy Serota that replaces pretty much any other word, and he frequently uses it as a word that describes something messed up.
"I snorked up and spilled juice on the floor."
by Maserota April 12, 2008
To clear mucus from nostril by blowing without using a tissue. Frequently done by runners or cyclists
During the race, Ian's nose was running, so he put his finger on the side of his nose and snorked. Being well-mannered, he first made sure no one was behind him.

Did Santa snork to get up the chimney?
by Dene Dave November 19, 2007
To suck breath out of one's partner's lungs whilst kissing, usually resulting in them making loud involuntary animal noises. An amazingly fun pastime.
Then Francesco snorked Cindy, drawing out an elephant-like scream from her throat. Afterward neither could breathe for the giggles.
by Moldor October 18, 2004
1. The event that takes place when you smoke too much marijuana while snogging. Otherwise known as oral sex.
2. Cross between oinking and snorting.
1. Beth was snogging her boyfriend while being high off of marijuana, so after a while they started snorking.
2. The two pigs snorked.
by bella and colly November 01, 2006

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