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Muck Fizzou = Fuck Mizzou, or the Missouri Tigers. There is a big rivalry between MU and KU; Used by Kansas University (KU) Jayhawk fans, and is on some t-shirts.
I love the t-shirts that say "Muck Fizzou!"
by Jennie April 21, 2004
the scene is already too saturated with clothing companies with bad designs and horrible bands. clandestine is an attack on these stale ideas of nautical stars and pogo parts. clandestine is not a clothing company. it is not a band. it is a story based on a nightmare. the book will be released on Halloween 2004. it is called "clandestine industries presents: the boy with the thorn in his side".

The Book:
This is a story based on the real nightmares of Peter Wentz, lyricist and bass player from the band Fall Out Boy. The memories of these nightmares have stayed with him since he was young. Putting them on paper was a form of closure, as well as a way to relive them (again and again). With the visual inspiration of world famous tattoo artist Tim Biedron, these images came to life. Illustrated by Joe Tesauro with intense colors by Rob Dobi, the pictures tell the story that kept the young Peter Wentz awake at night. It is dark and it is twisted. It is for every heart that is too heavy for the legs that carry it.

--from clandestineindustries.com
"I wore this Clandestine shirt and all I got were these lousy scene points."
by Jennie April 16, 2005
An amazing band from Chicago that used to be on Fueled By Ramen, an awesome record label from Tampa. Now they're on Island, but that's okay, we're still in love. Fall Out Boy has already released Evening Out With Your Girlfriend and Take This To Your Grave, and on May 3rd, 2005, From Under The Cork Tree will come out. Fall Out Boy is made up of Pete Wentz, who plays bass, writes lyrics, and screams, Patrick Stump, who sings, plays guitar, and writes music, Joe Trohman, who plays guitar, and Andy Hurley, who plays drums, and is extra-special because he's a vegan.

See also: Clandestine Industries
"Everyone loves a Fall Out Boy!"
by Jennie April 15, 2005
Someone who goes on Inline skates either for Artistic skating, speed skating or (most comonly) Agressive skating (sorry if I missed any out).

I really don't get why so many skaters have a problem with inline skaters. I do both. Stereotpically we both listen to the same music, wear the same clothes and are discriminated against by townies. The skate park's big enough for the both of us. I admit, inline sakting is easier than skating for the most part, but personally I found dropping in on a quarter for the first time a lot more nerve racking on my inlines than my board. You can jump off a board but on inlines you've just got to keep going. They are both good, fun extreme sports.
Why can't we all just get along????
by Jennie November 19, 2004
Women who wear gold crouisants for earings, and far too much nasty gold jewelery, and style their fringes around coke cans. Men who perch their burberry caps far too high on their heads. Both sexes wear fake Rockport, Kappa, and Burberry clothing, and tuck their sporty trousers into their ankle boots. They constantly harrass anybody who is even remotly different, they drink special brew, and skank tabs off of people.
Charver = Gis a tab leek man!
Response = Fuck off and get a job so you can buy your own!
by Jennie November 15, 2003
Excess pubic hair protruding from your beachwear.
Urgh I can see yer wogger!
by Jennie November 15, 2003
The Spoof Cannon refers to a penis capable of projecting cum at high speeds.
Can I play with your spoof cannon?
by Jennie August 25, 2004
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