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1) Awesome swedish rock band
2) A surprise attack
3) A cheap shot
1) I just bought Blindside's new CD
2) I got blindsided by a pack of angry wolves.
3) Will got blindsided during a fight with tim by a pack of angry wolves
by Jman December 21, 2004
1. to attack someone by surprise

2. a kick-ass Swedish hard rock band.
1. Tina completely blindsided Susan when she stole her purse.

2. Have you heard the new Blindside album? It's fantastic.
by Samantha March 07, 2004
1.The greatest Christian rock band in the world.
2.Hitting someone and then running
Im gonna blindside you!
I love Blindside
by Candra February 12, 2005
When you come in a girl's eyes and then you dropkick her
"Dude i heard alex tdid the blind side to krystina!"
"Holy shit, no way!!!"
"Yeah he is such a badass!"
by laxative master May 04, 2010
When A Girl Is Masterbating To Your Back, While Your Jerking Off, And Turn Around And Unexpectingly Jizz On Her Face.
dude, i pulled the funniest blindside on her last night! it was sweet!
by Rick Suave May 06, 2010
Blindfolded sex, usually with members of the same sex.
Colby truly enjoyed his nightly blind side with his partner, Doug.
by yepitsmedude22 December 10, 2009
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