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A kind of lovey hug.
Sort of like a snuggle, but better.
Also can be nakie.
Gee, I really feel like a snooge.

Oh hey, snoogin'?
by Finesse123456789 September 25, 2010
n. An unspecified, yet assumed small, amount of no numerical value.
Synonyms: bit, chunk, fragment
Antonym: whole
v. The act of removing an unspecified, yet assumed small, amount of no numerical value.
n. "This straw is a snooge too short for the bottle."
v. "Hey buddy, mind snooging me off a piece of that candy bar?"
by Spleen Machine November 18, 2008
This word can only be used for favors.

Studies show people are more likely and willing to do favors when you use snooge as opposed to some annoyingjuvenile beggary like "Can I get a cigarette".

The verb command is a polite command, the perfect way to smooth things over.
Noun: A small amount of space. "Yo big Mike could you open that door a snooge? It's a bit stuffy in here."

Verb: "Snooge me that lighter, Cindy. You're hair looks wonderful tonight!"
by Lohquacious October 10, 2011
a contemporary reference to a male’s genitals that have been so influenced by gravity that his testicles droop far below his flaccid penis.
"dude the other day after a hot snower i totally had a snooge! my balls were so saggy!"
by ted snooget December 13, 2009
Snoozing and splooging.
Wet dreams are snooges.
by landreth January 28, 2010
(v)- 1.To ejaculate from your nose
2. a nose-gasm
Dude did you see that guy sneeze he totally snooged.

aww man the snooge is hanging out of his nose.
by Cybernerd42 June 12, 2010
The unintentional display of the upper buttocks. Also known as "Plumber's crack", or "Carpenter's crack".
The large woman was sitting at the picnic table with her snooge hanging out for everyone to see.
by Meach April 06, 2004
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