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(n) Penis; male mammal reproduction organ, also used to expell urine.
He was thumping his blood engorged mayonaise cannon for the majority of the night.
by Meach January 09, 2005
somthing that is really good or you like a lot or a compliment
your suit is heavy duty.
that bitch has some heavy duty tits
by meach October 01, 2003
banging multiple bitches in one evening
fucking your girl in the afternoon then banging your ex later that night.
by meach October 01, 2003
The unintentional display of the upper buttocks. Also known as "Plumber's crack", or "Carpenter's crack".
The large woman was sitting at the picnic table with her snooge hanging out for everyone to see.
by Meach April 06, 2004
The female version of dude, according to George W. Bush.
Dudess, that was AWESOME!

In a White House ceremony last night, President Bush said hello to the "dudes and dudesses" from the US Winter Olympic Team.
by Meach September 11, 2003
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