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a loved one; someone who is snoogy; something that is soft; big snuggly cheeks
i really want to spend the night with my snoogs. I love snooging those cheeks.
by Snoogin McDougin September 18, 2008
A being or object with the ineffable quality of snooginess. Can be used as an adjective, noun, or very rarely as a verb. Also occasionally said interchangeably as "snoogs."
Hey "snoog" or "snoogs" (referring to a cat) what is up?
What is going on back there? Did you snoog on that table?
Adah you are such a snoog.
by fixorater June 01, 2007
A really close snugle that involves a lot of snogging.
I wish we were snooging right now.

Could really do with a snoog.

I love our snoogs :-)
by I.Lovethisman February 24, 2010
Something that is cuddly, or someone that is cuddly. One can be a snoog, or a lesser snoog may have qualities of snoog. One may be snooged and you are snooging if the other snoogs back; this is called snoogification, or being snoogified. An object, or person, might be called snoogly, or snoogish, if they seem cuddly.
"His jumper was quite snoogly, I really wanted to snoog him."

"Time for a group snoogs, everybody!"
by helloiamgross November 22, 2009
1. come on what are you thinking!
2. (snoogen) dont be stupid
1. Snoog man, she was hott.
2. Snoogen, you know the answer.
by Vachon Simonds February 26, 2005
With Fitz all night long
Man, dr, you can snoog me on it all night long!
by ileana December 01, 2005

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