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The loose, floppy bit of of sock that appears if one is wearing a big sock, or if the sock is somehow pushed down the foot slightly.
"Yeah I was just minding my own business when I noticed I had a snoggle!"

"That sucks, why don't you join the snoggle prevention society?"

"Yeah, together, we can end the misery."
by JAStewart January 14, 2007
17 21
A physical carress, involving giving a "Snog" (British for "French Kiss") and a "Snuggle" (cuddle) at the same time.
She wanted to give him a snoggle, but he snoggled her first. They exchanged many snoggles.
by Chasity July 13, 2003
91 29
noun: to snog, cuddle and snuggle simultaneously.

adverb: snoggling

ORIGIN early 16th cent. (rare before the 18th cent.): of unknown origin.
e.g baby I don't feel like shagging tonight, lets just get into bed and snoggle.

by funafletch February 11, 2009
17 5
It's a cute thing between snogging and cuddles. To be honest; It's one of the nicest things, it's cute, and comforting. Perfect for quiet nights in with the one who you love. Nothing is better. :) <3

Better than a snog, and a cuddle. A Snoggle
Fliss: I want cuddles.
Josh: I'll give you snoggles. It's much better
Fliss: It is :) I Love You
Josh: I Love You too.
by Gawur-ness February 07, 2010
10 1

1. To like, to vote up and/or to commemorate a topic, story, or event.
Charles: Hey man, check out my article on Abortion

David: Oh my god, i'm going to snoggle all over that.
by Sophie Richards June 18, 2011
2 3
When two or more men put the tips of their penises together.
Hey Jim, want to go up on top of the ridge and snoggle?
by Knep December 19, 2012
3 7
from the British verb snog, it implies french kissing something...but what?
Ex. 1
Bob: Hey dog, your girl came over last night.
Dick: Is that right? What did y'all talk about?
Bob: Well there wasn't much to talk about since she straight snoggled my dick!

Ex. 2
Snoggle a dick! (as a gesture between friends)

Ex. 3
Snoggle a dick (in response to someone pisses you off)
by DDubbz August 09, 2009
2 7