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The act of snogging and snuggling at the same time. Sometimes use in lonely hearts ads.
Pot-bellied pig seeks Miss Piggy for truffle snuffling and snoggling. no bores(boars).
#snogging #snuggling #lonely #hearts #bores #boars
by D. Watson October 21, 2007
when you screw a guy or girl in the ass, cum in there, spead their cheeks, have them fart it out, then snort the cum up your nose. after that, you make suck it from your nose into your mouth (much like a lugie) and spit it back into your partners face :D
me and your girl went snoggling last night.
#ass #cum #anal #disgusting #yummy #wrong #delicious
by ROFLwants2 February 11, 2010
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