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An abbreviation of the phrase fully sick
Gangsta 1: Omg bro did you see that car?
Gangsta 2: Yeh bro it was fliss.
by zomg_bro February 24, 2009
21 13
The act of slicing one's partner's genitalia with construction paper. The delicate art of Flissing has been around since the ancient Egyptians who would use papyrus to exact revenge on their cheating partner. Also known in Arabic as Falassah. Some individuals have embraced the Fliss as a form of unique sexual exploration. They are known as Flissers.
I can't believe Jim would hook up with that slut on my birthday! I am totally going to FLISS the shit out of him tonight while he is sleeping.
by Shai and Rami July 29, 2008
17 18
when mentioned fear is struck to the inocent....smiles are forbbiden and hellos are not replyed to, she takes away our entertainment...she is the one with the name fliss
ahhh dont smile its her
by weetabix December 31, 2003
42 45
A word used in a euphemistic way, when elipting taboo words. Also used to describe emotions and expression.

- Derives from an annoying character on shipwrecked 'Fliss'. The term was coined and applied to people acting in ways as she did. Then developed further.
- Began in Winchester.
'..oh fliss'
'dont be such a fliss'
'im flissed off'
'its all a bit flissy' - stressed
'im flissed' - tired
'im all flissed' - confussed
by liz taylor March 11, 2008
6 14