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9 definitions by Chasity

pure,or innocense
that water is chasity.
by chasity December 24, 2003
A physical carress, involving giving a "Snog" (British for "French Kiss") and a "Snuggle" (cuddle) at the same time.
She wanted to give him a snoggle, but he snoggled her first. They exchanged many snoggles.
by Chasity July 13, 2003
A subtle way to say that someone is going down on someone else. This phrase came into use after we had to explain to a somewhat uniformed friend what "going down" meant.
Nico is getting her toenails painted by a hot Australian boy.
by Chasity May 03, 2004
The sound you make when you squeal. Is allways spelled "Squee!" with a capital "S" and two "e's and allways with one "!" Can also be used as a substitute for "Weee!" and the like. Online it can be used in place of *squeals*.
Squee! This is fun!
by Chasity July 31, 2003
a person from Wales or New Zealand
Mat and Trav may be feep shuckers
by Chasity September 05, 2003
hoochie, lucifer, devil, evil, all in one.
Chazy and sammie are hoochiefers
by Chasity September 14, 2003
Mat's sad smilie. Mat's own personal version of :(
mat: =:0( awww there's nothing left to set on fire
by Chasity September 05, 2003