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female genitalia
She got one hell of a hairy sniz
by saucer July 10, 2003
Vulgar reference to the female sex organs, specifically the vagina.
I was beating up that sniz with my ramrod.
by s2theg January 20, 2008
Meaning the best, or better then everything else. The best of the best.
Grandmas brownies are the sniz.
by Snizzleteam64 March 26, 2014
the zonule of zin for all those intelligent people out there. go figure.
snizzle my nizzle.
by April 29, 2009
Someone sneezing, at someting embaressing, you normally say this word to someone you are not entirely close to, such as an adult, a manager or a teacher.
i'd like you to Sniz.
by Lankyeee34 April 28, 2009
a small woodland creature known as a snizz or a snizze coming from the latin word "snizzelratios" this is also a racist term for a albino.
man 1 ; dayum that sniz lost all his pigment
man 2; dam man lets jump him
by mrs poulter April 28, 2009
a small warus like animal mostly found in the east tropics. feeds on small vermin.
Wow dude that sniz just ate a rat!
by chaosblood April 28, 2009
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