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someones dick
I thrusted my ramrod into Lizzys cunt.
by Smokey McPott May 14, 2003
"My ramrod poked her orifice."
by x January 22, 2003
The name of the police car in Super Troopers
"I put our names together, so now the car is called RAm Rod"... " CAR RAM ROD GO!"
by ILL-MENTAL October 22, 2003
When a line of guys stand in a row and jam their rod in a woman one after another in immediate succession
The ten guys lined up and ram rodded her.
by Conor March 31, 2003
1. A dumb-assed guy who magically nails a lot of women for nothing but personal satisfaction.
2. A real dickhead who did the aforementioned ten years before.

John's just a spent ram rod.
by Modge October 12, 2003
verb: to ram a some sort of long, thin, fairly cylindrical object into some sort of opening or hole. can have sexual connotations (as in, this aforementioned "rod" is a "meatrod"), but can also be used to describe such actions as sharpening a pencil, connecting a plug, etc.
1) He finally became angry after having been ramrodded over 73 times with a pencil during class.

2) Person 1: Turn the stereo on, man!
Person 2: Just a sec, I've gotta ramrod it.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
To face fuck a girl so hard, she throws up/cries
Zeek gave her a hard Ramrod
by gzizzle January 05, 2012