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A sniggler is someone who takes the parking spot you wanted, or who otherwise does something perfectly legitimate, but which nonetheless inconveniences or annoys you.
That sniggler just took my parking spot!!!
by Honorarius April 08, 2006
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A snuggler under the covers, but also a horse whisperer.
When going west, with a surfboard on the top of your car, remember the sniggler and plant some papayas along the way.
by Commitment Elvis March 03, 2009
A person with good taste that finds the best, hottest people to have smokin' hot intercourse with.
Tim: "Man! You gotta show me your skills dude. You're such a good sniggler."
Mason: "Ha! Thanks man."
by ~Crustard-Tart-Ass~ August 20, 2013
a person who sticks a sharp baited object in an eels hiding place.
I was sniggling the eel last night
by schmoghlan January 16, 2005
1. Asshole that steals food from his friend and eats it while they are in the bathroom.
2. All around douchebag.
Motherfucker! That sniggler stole my starburst!
by Nat. M April 21, 2004

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