A word used when playing Scrabble with black people.

See ginger
N-G-I-G-E-R-S, eh? Better put down snigger.
by Ian Wolphe January 04, 2013
The combination of the word sand and nigger. Used as a shorter and more effective way for sand nigger. Use as an insult of people from the middle east or from their descent.
Jim: Your dad is such a snigger!
Mohammad: Fuck off white boy.
by SergeantBooty June 06, 2014
A gang that operates in eastern wisconsin in Stockbridge Wi and Appleton Wi, the gang is ran by Tyrese or Ty for short. The gang is related to many crime that are commited in the area. Crimes like Auto break-ins, Graffiti, Theft, and Vandalism. This is the only known gang that operates in Stockbridge Wi. The headquarters are in stockbridge wisconsin under the code name "Mary St" probrobly because this is the street that the headquarters building is on. The gang is based about brotherhood and love, "sticking together" not leaving one behind, Their slogan being "Makin' That Paper".
Did you hear about those sniggers? They broke into my car...
by whiteboy28 October 20, 2013
A relatively smarter version of a 'nigger', able to perform tasks like raping, stealing, and killing with a better likelihood of them actually getting away with it.
"Damn that snigger almost got away with stealing my car and killing three innocent mexican babies."
by Sir Charles The Great March 30, 2012
A super long and thick snickers bar. Approximately 4 times the size of an extra large snickers bar. This bar is also known as "The Big Jim". It is also much more satisfying than any other snickers bar.
I'd like to put one of those sniggers in my mouth.

Yeah it looks like a giant black cocksickle.
by Flippo23 February 06, 2011
a racial slur referring to a person of middle eastern descent. Shortened sand nigger.
Drew, take that towel off of your head, you look like such a snigger!
by Sharpster February 16, 2007
A mythical candy car that supposably only black people like to eat, if a white person eats a snigger then their skin usually turns a dark shade of brown and they will turn into a nigger for the next 5 days. If an asain person eats a snigger bar then he or she will most likely turn into a dirty mexican.
Jimmy took a bite out of Bobs sniggers bar.
by Nanny Mcphee July 12, 2006
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