(n). A cheap kid that goes trick or treating with no costume or wearing a stupid sheet with holes in the eyes or a paper bag ,or something similar, expecting to get free candy
"I was handing out candy on Halloween night and some snigger rang my doorbell in his school uniform and just put the candy in his backpack... I gave a candy corn"
by GtotheB February 03, 2010
1. To laugh at a black person
2. Backwards snorting multiple times a second in a laughing fashion, have a cheesey grin,at the same time your head is shifted so far back that you appear to have a Burger Neck.
I was sniggered at when i farted. Stop sniggering at me im not funny. That man sniggers a lot when he farts. someone was sniggering at me and i felt so sniggerised with all the sniggers that i stopped sniggering in sniggerisation with sniggographers practicing sniggography.
by Vertically Challenged Tall Guy March 19, 2009
1)its a black smurf
2)its a candy bar
3)its eric b.
its a joke what do you call ablack smurf?
a snigger
its like snicker bars
its a person whose get covered in a smoke bomb but isn't black then someone tells u the joke and becomes a nickname.
by roseanna vaughn May 16, 2006
v. to snicker at a person of african descent (black,nigger,afrian american)
when chris rock gets on stage, i can't help but snigger.
by nickawesome1500 January 04, 2011
A "nigger" in the process of consuming a snickers bar.
"Hey bro check out that snigger over there...that's a mighty fine snickers bar he's eatin"
by D-Kwon slayer October 19, 2009
a nigger who loves snickers bars way too much
that snigger sure loves that candy bar
by andy tbone December 01, 2007
a snicker loving black guy
look at that snigger with his snickers and purple kool aid
by deadhunter12 November 23, 2010

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