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Sneaky Negro, typically a man
Oh you little Snigger!
by t4ss4d4r April 28, 2009
a highly nonintelligent individual who happens to be a nigger
pull your head out of your ass you dumb snigger
by Harry Johnson February 26, 2005
Someone who is stupid and a nigger, Snigger
shut up snigger or your a snigger and should die for you sniggerdom
by Chronartist July 11, 2006
another word for a snickers bar
Shooby had some sniggers and became fat =D
by stanley lam February 11, 2006
a black person who likes to play with his penis.
the snigger was playing with himself all night.
by George Hilapos November 08, 2006
A Somalian nigger, like the ones that you see in Blackhawk Down.
Those fucking sniggers look like war refugees straight out of Mogadishu!
by Jim Wis April 03, 2008
Snigger- To laugh or snicker so intensely you end up snorting unattractively, whilst you chuckle, making yourself sound like a mouth queef.

snicker snorting laugh chuckle queef
Me- "Ah mah gawd, did you hear the voicemail Nemo left me?"
Them- "Bwhaha. I did. I sniggered so hard i peed and nearly shat myself."

shat pee
by slutwaffle July 20, 2011