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Similar to the spork or foon, a snife is a spoon and a knife joined together. First thought to be useful for eating soup, the snife is now most commonly used for stabbing. Shadow of PI forums was the inventor of the snife.
I'll stab you with my snife!

That is the shiniest snife I have ever seen!
by Imoen January 20, 2007
adj. doing something very jackassly.
dude, you just stole my ciggarettes, that was so snives of you.
where you snort another persons biffin/grundle.
would you like a snife?
you bet!
by sniffinbiffin April 06, 2012
a spoon that is also a knife
i pulled a snife out of a sink and used it to cut food and than use it for a spoon.... also i used a snife to shank this guy
by mike bala August 23, 2011
a knife used to cut families.
I'm gonna cut your family, with a big snife!
by bread infection November 22, 2009
a dildo made of stone with a picture of a duck carved in to it
hmm nice snife billy may i see it
by ETHANHATER March 23, 2005
A mythical creature, that is known for being illusive, tricksy and all around awsome. If ever seen the Snife would be a super-green color. Not much else is known of these beings.
Here we have a rare glimpse of the Snife in his natural habitat!
by Snife December 19, 2005
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