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Bonor is the stuff that comes out of your ear after someone has sex with it. A pale yellow combination of semen and ear wax.
Dude, I fucked that bitch last night in every orifice, she had tons of bonor coming out of her ears
by Snife August 11, 2004
A mythical creature, that is known for being illusive, tricksy and all around awsome. If ever seen the Snife would be a super-green color. Not much else is known of these beings.
Here we have a rare glimpse of the Snife in his natural habitat!
by Snife December 19, 2005
To ruin something for someone else, or to use something up.
1. Dude you boggarted my game.(if someone messes you up while playing a video game)

2. Timothy boggarted all the chips
by Snife February 19, 2005

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