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The small area between your balls n your bum.
Between ur balls n your bum theres a biffin, its a place where you shouldn't be sniffing.
by Master One August 27, 2003
the area between balls and arse (see barse) also known as the biffins bridge.
"Evil kenivil has cleared the Grand Canyon, however he is heading for a funfair in mid air and i fear he will tear his biffin's bridge on the waltzers!"
by mickey love November 16, 2004
A cigarette, ciggy, fag, bind
Brother H are you coming to the spec for a biffin??
by Lango 2007 October 02, 2007
the area of skin between your ballsack and sphincter
damn i have an itchy biffin
by ryan July 23, 2003
it is in fact the area between the pussy and the bum hole.

and for a man it is called a geesh
oohhh my geesh needs plucking
by BLAKEY April 09, 2004
Space between one's anus and scrotum.
Between your balls and your arse is your biffin (sung jauntily)
by bubba May 03, 2004
Area between balls and bum
Between your balls and your bum theres a biffin,
Its the place that you should not be sniffin.
by feeb August 18, 2003
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