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An all-purpose ethnic slur which applies to everybody, thereby allowing it to be used with hostility while rendering it inoffensive at the same time.
Ted: "Just look at those snickets. They're ruining this country." Bob: "Aren't we ALL snickets?" Ted: "Just shut up and mow the lawn, Dad."
by Paypa_Pl8 April 26, 2011
Partially vegetated alleyway or cut through in the north of England, usually with bollards at both ends and is poorly lit
Dave: Where's the pub, mate?
Kev: Down't road, first snicket on't right, pas't badger and on't left
by Perko October 27, 2004
A particularly potent strand of marijuana
Get down on them Snicketts
by J. Currie May 04, 2005
A cool Tunisian. see Haithem. The word first surfaced in the Bay Area of California. Haithem
Guy: Hey, isn't Will's roommate from Tunisia?
Dude: Yeah, he's such a snicket!
by Saint Lemony January 13, 2009
an onomatopoeia, the sound wolverines claws make when they are unsheathed! sweet!
"hey bub, look at my shiny toys..."

by kurticus May 14, 2007
(n) A crumb or piece of food projected from your mouth while talking.
(v) To accidentally project a crumb or piece of food onto someone's person.
Just as he got to the exciting part of the story, he snicketed me with a piece of his cracker.
by Binara February 19, 2007