It means the detritus of living: sometimes as metaphorical junk, more often, snerd is used to describe physical impediments.
"That's just more political snerd to cover the real questions."
"I've so much snerd lieing about my house, I can't find my glasses."
by Mike Hess October 27, 2003
Top Definition
Sexy nerd. Usually with sexy nerdy glasses.
Morgan Webb is the snerdiest snerd ever!
by Snerd May 26, 2005
A snerd, or snerding, is when something makes you laugh suddenly and instead of laughing out your mouth, you laugh out your nose and boogers come out.
"OMG! That was so funny you made me snerd!!"

snerded snerding booger snot laughing
by sometime January 07, 2011
Super nerd. Noun
You are a fucking snerd.
by aewitt May 26, 2013
A snerd is a snail nerd who is in the snuad, a snail squad. Not an insult, but a compliment.
by SnerdSnuad April 25, 2015
snerd: noun. A nerd that engages in sinful or wanton behavior; diametrically opposed to restrained, conservative nerd habits.
I have rarely met such a lustful, decadent snerd!
by Marcus Macdonald May 21, 2008
A derogatory term for a nerd that is also a snob.
As a result of their obsessive interest in a specific subject, nerds are usually profoundly snobbish about their passions. Their accompagnying social impairment leads them to preach wide and far to everyone, inconsiderate of their feelings, about things they do not approve of.

As the term nerd is associated with being intelligent and having extensive knowledge of one or more fields, being labeled as a nerd is increasing i popularity. The term snerd serves to inform a nerd that he/she has crossed the line, even for a nerd.
"...You are just one of those teenage noobs that don' t realise that the Twilight saga is just a bad rip-off from White Wolf's World of Darkness, what a bunch of sorry loosers!"

"Jim, you are such a fucking snerd!"
by Latrocinor June 07, 2012
A nerdy scene kid who enjoys wearing colorful tight clothes while attending such nerdy things like comacon
Howard from the big bang theory he is a snerd

dude 1: hey dude look at that kid over there in the tight red jeans waiting for the new harry potter movie.

dude 2: yea man what a snerd hahahah.
by Daveeddd November 22, 2010

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