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4 definitions by Snerd

Sexy nerd. Usually with sexy nerdy glasses.
Morgan Webb is the snerdiest snerd ever!
by Snerd May 26, 2005
A female nerd. Usually has glasses and braces. Nerds usually have nerdgasms when a nerdette walks into the room. Their glasses will fog up and they'll get really nervous.
1. I'm going to ask that nerdette if she wants to go to the Star Wars convention with me.
2. The popular girls broke that nerdette's glasses.
by Snerd September 18, 2005
A female snerd can also be called a snerdette.
My ultimate dream is to marry a snerdette who will play Halo 2 with me and watch Star Wars.
by Snerd August 11, 2006
A shorter version of expert.
Snerdette: Who shot first, Han or Greedo?
Snerd: You tell me. You're the Star Wars spert.
by Snerd August 11, 2006