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2 definitions by Daveeddd

A breakfast sandwich in witch you use eggo waffles for the buns instead of a English muffin or bagel. usually with syrup, eggs, sausage and or bacon. what ever tickles your fancy.
bro 1: dude you should make me some of your tasty eggowichs tomorrow.
bro 2: maybe if your lucky home slice.
bro 1: dude make me one or i want let you play black ops zombies with me

bro 2: alright fine il make you one.. douche...
by Daveeddd November 30, 2010
A nerdy scene kid who enjoys wearing colorful tight clothes while attending such nerdy things like comacon
Howard from the big bang theory he is a snerd

dude 1: hey dude look at that kid over there in the tight red jeans waiting for the new harry potter movie.

dude 2: yea man what a snerd hahahah.
by Daveeddd November 22, 2010