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A nerdy scene kid who enjoys wearing colorful tight clothes while attending such nerdy things like comacon
Howard from the big bang theory he is a snerd

dude 1: hey dude look at that kid over there in the tight red jeans waiting for the new harry potter movie.

dude 2: yea man what a snerd hahahah.
by Daveeddd November 22, 2010
a Super-nerd; one who is obsessed with starwars, startrek, and other really gay things
"Man, did you see that snerd? What a pathetic loser!"
by 40oz oe November 20, 2008
The act of sniffing the newly vacated seat of a woman once she has arisen to leave the room.
Alex snorted Shabbey's seat like it was a line of freshly cut cocaine when she got up to go to the kitchen, what a snerd.
by Big Darryl Eastlake May 26, 2008
Eye booger. The "stuff" that gathers at the corners of your eyes.
I would have appreciated my friend telling me I had a snerd before I had my photo taken.
by Ashleysbyc January 19, 2009
It means the detritus of living: sometimes as metaphorical junk, more often, snerd is used to describe physical impediments.
"That's just more political snerd to cover the real questions."
"I've so much snerd lieing about my house, I can't find my glasses."
by Mike Hess October 27, 2003
someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubble.
man, did you smell wally's breath? What a snerd.
by julia danner January 02, 2006
Abbriviation of the word supernerd,which is used to describe someone who has more geeky like qualities than the average nerd, therfore the subject is refered to as a supernerd or Snerd.
1) Man that boys a bate Snerd.

2)Shut up you Snerd!
by Skinny Boi March 29, 2005